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Introducing our new services

Color Correction

Color correction is the process of adjusting hair color to yield desired results. Color correction is done on a case-by-case basis, as there are many factors that can contribute to unwanted color results.

Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away grey, or you’re looking for a new-you with a modern, fashionable look, our stylists' expertise will get you the results you desire.

Why Color Correction ?
  • Your hair is your best fashion accessory—when it looks amazing, so do you.
  • Coloring your hair not only makes it shinier and more beautiful, it can even improve its condition.
  • Hair color doesn’t need to be drastic—even a subtle color enhancement can make a big difference to your look.
  • Your hair stylist has the skill and knowledge to create the right look for you.
Our Services:
  • Reduce or remove red or gold
  • Darken faded color
  • Bring new life and add shine to your system by reconditioning
In-House Repairs and Refills
  • Fill in or add hair to thinning areas of your hair system
  • Front hairline, part or crown
  • Add grey hair
  • Add length