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Let us show you how we can change your life with our full line of services and hair care products, adhesives, and removers.

  • Total privacy and confidentiality
  • All methods of attachment
  • All repairs done on premises
  • Lace Front
  • Ultra lite skin top
  • Color Correction
  • Custom made hair replacements.

To truly achieve satisfaction, I recommend that you make an appointment for a private evaluation. I will personally assist you in determining the perfect solution for you!

Advanced Hair Restoration Offers:
Human Hair / European or Asian

Hair is soft, more silky feeling than synthetic hair. Human hair can be colored and permed, also curled with a heating iron or rollers. Recommended for a smoother look for clients who like to work with their hair. Many feel it is well worth the effort.

Man-Made Fibers / Synthetic Hair

Hair is very natural looking, comes in a variety of shades and tones and curl or wave patterns. No heat can be used, yet a wet set is easily achieved yet not necessary. Synthetic hair is recommended for those looking for ease of style and care.