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For more than 35 years, Roxanne has been styling hair for men and women on the East Coast. For the last twenty, she has focused on the very private and unique vocation of hair restoration. Using the latest technology and the world's finest manufacturers, Roxanne and her staff work one-on-one with a wide range of client needs to guarantee complete satisfaction. Helping some with full restoration systems for total hair loss and others with partial hair restoration for added length or fullness, Roxanne's designs are as individual as the men and women who wear them. Extensive training in New York and Florida as well as years spent developing her unique skills have positioned Roxanne as one of the top hair restoration professionals. Her exclusive line of hair restoration designs has enabled many others to feel a renewed confidence and to love how they look.

A childhood medical condition gave Roxanne a very personal understanding of what it's like to look different. This understanding has enabled her to communicate with great empathy and care and has led to unique solutions for any individual needs in hair restoration.

Our Team
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As an Allen High School student, Jazzy started working as an assistant for Roxanne. Her love of this caring business encouraged her to go to beauty school, and 15 years later, Jazzy still truly loves what she does.


"I like to put a smile on the faces of my clients going through difficult situations, and leaving my chair happy - is awesome!"

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A hairdresser and Allentown resident since the early '80s, Debbie came to Advanced Hair Restoration with her mother who was going through chemotherapy. Debbie met Roxanne, loved what she did, and has been here for over 13 years.


"Helping men, women and children feel better during difficult situations with caring and compassion is a passion I never grow tired of."