January 2017

Scheitrumc MonthlyUpdates

What’s New?

Check out our new adhesives, removers and cleansers available in our store. We also now have tangle free brushes, and root cover up,  and new color refreshers to reduce fading. For further information call us toll free (888-536-6981).

Did You Know?

If you need help with caring for or maintaining your hair, call us. We are always happy to help. One of our professional stylists will assist you in building your own personal hair care kit. Products can also be purchased individually.

Don’t You Hate When?

You wake up and feel sure that the back of your hair is sticking up making it obvious that you are wearing something? We have a few simple solutions to help. Call for advice.

BTW (By the way)

If you missed our inventory reduction sale, check out our monthly special features and bulk purchase discounts. If you are looking for a specific item and don’t see it in our store, call Jazzy ( our order fulfillment manager) and she will locate it for you.

Please feel free to add any questions or comments to help us enhance your visit.