Welcome to Advanced Hair Restoration

At Advanced Hair, we strive to fill the needs of all clients experiencing hair loss, whether you desire slightly fuller or longer hair, or need full coverage for conditions such as alopecia or the effects of chemotherapy. Our staff of fully trained professionals is ready to help you with choosing and maintaining the perfect style, correcting color, reconditioning, and hair addition. Most services can be performed while you wait. For more information, call us. We pride ourselves in customer service.

Online Store

We have decided to close the online store effective immediately. The administration and processing of online orders was extensive. As a small business, we felt we either needed to increase prices - which would have caused you to search elsewhere - or focus on direct phone orders which we can manage from the salon itself. All products from the online store are also available at our salon. Please call us for your next order. We will be happy to help with all your product needs.

Thank you.

About Us

Introducing our new service.

Ever wonder what to do with your used hair when you get a new one? We will take your old wig and/or hairpiece and make a casual headband topper. Please see our Blog page to learn more about our new service.