Welcome to Advanced Hair Restoration

At Advanced Hair, we strive to fill the needs of all clients experiencing hair loss, whether you desire slightly fuller or longer hair, or need full coverage for conditions such as alopecia or the effects of chemotherapy. Our staff of fully trained professionals is ready to help you with choosing and maintaining the perfect style, correcting color, reconditioning, and hair addition. Most services can be performed while you wait. For more information, call us. We pride ourselves in customer service.

Announcing our new store.

We are planning to launch a new version of our online store during February. This new store will be integrated with the rest of the website and will provide more features. Please see our Blog page to learn more about the new store.




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Al's Transformation

My journey began back in February of 2013. I lost 70 lbs. and one day my mother told me, "Al, I've never seen you in better shape but those four hairs on your head aren't fooling anybody. Why don't you look into getting a good hair system?" I was apprehensive at first but saw transformations on YouTube. I couldn't believe how incredible the transformations were.

I discovered Roxanne and gave it a shot. Roxanne walked me through the ins and outs of systems with such a warmth that I felt as though we've known one another a lifetime. I have been a Manhattan doorman for almost 9 years. I have rubbed elbows with the rich and famous and they loved my new hair.

Steer clear from painful, costly surgery that will most likely not even yield the results you desire and worse yet, your body might even reject the hair implant. I've witnessed people go through that.

Roxanne, people tell me I look like a teenager and I'm almost 31. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.